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We are a team working with the University of Toronto and University of Washington to develop an autonomous power wheelchair for people with severe physical disabilities. In the past four years, we have published our work at an international IEEE conference and have dedicated our time to refining the technology. Today, the wheelchair functions seamlessly in all indoor environments. By utilizing state-of-the-art AI and the latest autonomous technology, the wheelchair can successfully navigate from point A to point B in environments that have traditionally stumped autonomous wheelchairs, like those with dynamic obstacles and reflective surfaces.


This technology represents a life-altering game changer for people ranging from those with severe illnesses like Parkinson’s disease and MS to those with age related hand tremors, none of whom can make use of the conventional joystick interfaces of power wheelchairs. Mobility limitations have been shown to have significant impacts on health outcomes among older adults including decreased happiness, life satisfaction, and even life expectancy. Given the rapidly aging populations in the United States, Canada, Japan, and so many other developed countries around the world, the time is ripe for finding a solution to the mobility challenges of the elderly.


That is why we have founded Adventus Robotics. With strategic partnerships with the world’s largest wheelchair manufacturers LEVO and Pride Mobility, we are harnessing the autonomous technology revolution to bring freedom to the world’s aging population.

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